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 Sarah's historical interpretation in the persona of Abigail Adams covers a broad range of experiences for audiences of all ages, from  presentations at large-scale re-enactments to special museum events to school groups.
Sarah bases her portrayal of Abigail on the information gleaned from Abigail and John's letters to each other, their correspondence with friends and family, and a thorough study of the timeline of Abigail's life as it wove through the founding of the United States of America, including her time abroad with John during his diplomatic missions to Europe. Sarah presents an unvarnished view of this country's origins, including the fact that Abigail Adams grew up in a household that enslaved other human beings. Sarah does not personally tolerate gatekeeping or bullying of any kind, including (but not limited to) racism, bigotry, misogyny, ableism or ageism, and she will only collaborate with organizations and groups that share those values.

Museum/Historical Society/Library Programs

City Tavern Club - Washington, DC (Forthcoming)

Date TBD

Anderson Public Library - Lawrenceville, KY (Online)

May 2022, “Remember the Ladies”

York County History Center - York, PA (In-person)

December 2021, “Abigail Adams in Pennsylvania”

History at Play (Online)

August 2021, "Quarantine with Mrs. Adams"

Virtual JaneCon (Online)

May 2021, my original short play, “Mrs. Adams and the Authoress” 

DAR Museum – Washington, D.C.

June 2019, “A Revolution is Brewing: Historical Tea”

JASNA-Maryland Winter Meeting – Baltimore, MD

December 2018, my original short play, “Mrs. Adams and the Authoress”


Reenactment Events

Mount Harmon Revolutionary Weekend – Earleville, MD

October 2019, “A Visit with Abigail Adams” and “Dressing the 18th Century Lady”

Huntington Beach: The Revolution – Huntington Beach, CA

2018-2019, “John and Abigail at Home” and 

“A Conversation with the Founders”

Colonial Heritage Festival – Orem, UT

2017-2018, “Dressing the 18th Century Lady” and  “John and Abigail: A Conversation between Dearest Friends”

Northwest Colonial Festival – Sequim, WA

2017-2018, “Tea with the Founders”

Rebels and Redcoats - Phoenix, AZ

2016-2017, “Tyranny of the Petticoat: Dressing the 18th Century Lady” and “Conversation with the Founders”


School Presentations

Barnesville School of Arts and Sciences – Barnesville, MD

February 2020; April 2019

3rd and 4th grades

The Center for Early Education – Los Angeles, CA

February 2019

3rd, 4th and 5th grades

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