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"I have had the pleasure of seeing Sarah interpret Abigail Adams on two occasions, both of which were large public events in which many people asked questions of her ranging from humorous to deeply thought-provoking. Sarah was completely believable at all times as Mrs. Adams, and I found myself getting lost in time while listening to her answers and conversations with those of us peppering her with questions. In fact, after the first time I saw her, I purposely sought her out again a second time at a different event and listened to her for at least an hour. I would absolutely highly recommend Sarah as an Abigail Adams interpreter. Any organization would be lucky to have her!" 

 ~ Shawna Abston

Volunteer, George Washington's Mount Vernon 

 "Sarah Walsh's interpretation of Abigail Adams is authentic, period correct, and beyond charming! Sarah brings to life the compelling colonial leading lady Abigail Adams and is a favorite living history interpreter at Mount Harmon. Abigail Adams was a big hit at our 2019 National Revolutionary War Reenactment event. During the Festival which attracted over 1,000 visitors, Sarah portrayed Abigail Adams and brought her history to life with meet and greets, colonial tea, and colonial dress programs. I cannot recommend Sarah's interpretation of Abigail Adams more highly for living history at museums and historic sites." 

 ~ Paige Howard

Executive Director, Friends of Mount Harmon 


 "I think Sarah did an amazing job teaching us about Abigail Adams. She was very informative, and she knew the answers to all of our questions. She was also very convincing. I almost believed that she was actually Abigail! Overall, I think that Sarah did an amazing job, and I learned a lot about life during Colonial times." 

 ~ 5th grader, Center for Early Education 

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