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 Sarah Walsh holds multiple Master's degrees in teaching and library science, and came to  historical interpretation after portraying Abigail Adams in the musical "1776." She was part of the first-ever fully staged production of the show that was entirely cast with women and non-binary actors portraying the Founding Fathers.  Though the Abigail in the play is an inspiring and strong character, Sarah quickly discovered that the real Abigail Adams was an even more interesting and multi-faceted person.

 Sarah bases her portrayal of Abigail on the information gleaned from Abigail and John's letters to each other, their correspondence with friends and family, and a thorough study of the timeline of Abigail's life as it wove through the founding of the United States of America, including her time abroad with John during his diplomatic missions to Europe. Sarah presents an unvarnished view of this country's origins, including the fact that Abigail Adams grew up in a household that enslaved other human beings. Sarah does not personally tolerate gatekeeping or bullying of any kind, including (but not limited to) racism, bigotry, misogyny, ableism or

ageism, and she will only collaborate with organizations and groups that share those values. 

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